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Our support services are available for emergencies.

If you have a query that is not listed below in the FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.

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    A: Make sure we have your current, active cell phone number. If you are using the TrueCaller App our communication SMS's might be marked as spam.


    A: Wireless is a facility allowing computers, smartphones and other devices to connect to the internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.

    A: Wireless internet provides connectivity using microwave frequencies, rather than the usual cable connections. When using a wireless link, no telephone line is required, and devices can easily connect to the internet and move around within the coverage area.

    A: It’s fast, efficient and offers connectivity up to a certain range on all your devices, be it your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can get connected quickly, without waiting for an ADSL line to be installed.

    A: Severe weather conditions may affect your signal, but this rarely happens.

    A: Signal Quality: Interferences have a negative impact on WiFi quality. The more service providers operating on the same channel, the more interferences each one will experience. This may cause frequent disconnections and slower speeds on connected client devices.

    Signal Strength: Signal strength affects WiFi quality. To achieve good transmission speeds, wireless connection signal strength should be analysed.

    A: With a shaped service, specific services are given priority over others. For example, certain websites may be given priority over emails being downloaded. An unshaped service has no prioritisation of any traffic. This approach operates on a "first come, first served" basis, regardless of the internet protocol is used.

    A: River Broadband allows unrestrictive internet access. But there are certain usage guidelines. We advise that you avoid downloading illegal torrents or copyrighted content from the internet. As long as the item is copyrighted and you don't own it, then downloading it (for free) via torrenting is illegal.


    A: No. Fibre connections make use of optical cables that carry data via light. These are completely separate from the Telkom copper wire network.

    A: DSL is dependent on Telkom copper wire infrastructure, which is often unreliable and can be slow if you have a bad line or are far away from your local exchange. Fibre transmits data with pulses of light over an optical cable. These cables are far more reliable than copper wires and offer faster connectivity.


    A: Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) technology enables you to make and receive telephone calls over a broadband internet connection, instead of over a traditional phone line.

    A: With VoIP, voice traffic is converted into data packets and transmitted over the public internet and/or over an internal network (be that your home or business network), and then converted to a regular telephone signal before this flow of information reaches the party you're calling.

    A: For a basic VoIP system, all you need is a broadband internet connection and a VoIP-enabled phone. You will also get by with a traditional phone connected to an adapter or a computer with VoIP software.