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what is teams direct routing?

The integration between Direct Routing and Microsoft Teams, enables a Microsoft Teams user to make and receive VoIP calls in Teams. This integration makes Microsoft Teams a single seamless platform for the modern workplace.

Benefits of
Microsoft Teams

Teams increases productivity by enabling your users to work communally, sharing files, tasks, conversations meeting and more in a single application.

Focus your attention and manage tasks via a single application.

Stop combing through a stream of mail, organise communication into task or project focused channels making it easy to find messages.

Teams is a completely cloud-based solution, allowing your users to access information anywhere, anytime from any supported device.

Benefits of
Teams Direct Routing

Take advantage of a unified calling platform, integrated into Microsoft Teams, even if Microsoft Calling Plans are not available in your country.

VOIP calls from your telephony platform integrated using Teams certified solutions into the Microsoft Teams client.



Whether you’re a home or business user, you need a reliable, rapidly deployed internet connection. We have a dedicated support team who will ensure that your connection is stable, with fail-over capabilities in place should something go wrong. We also have several backup links to enable high levels of uptime.

Our independence affords us the flexibility to offer customised solutions, allowing you to change things up as your needs change.


With a Cloud PBX you can make calls using your internet connection.
The benefits of this approach include:

  • Reduced charges for local and long-distance calls.
  • A single network for both voice and data, which makes management easier.
  • The ability to take your phone features with you everywhere you go.
  • Monthly billing options – prepaid or post-paid.
  • Voicemail.
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It no longer makes sense to buy a dedicated PBX hardware that is costly to maintain, tough to modify and lacks the flexibility, scalability and advanced features that hosted telephony can deliver.

With a reliable broadband internet connection, we offer all the features and benefits of a traditional PBX, with less hassle and cost. With a River Broadband wireless or fibre link, you can reserve a portion of your link for voice only, ensuring quality of service. All you need is a VoIP hand-set, a mobile phone app or laptop and you can make and receive calls from any location.

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