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Managed Business Voice

What is Managed Business Voice?

AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) is a voice network management solution that combines management of voice network devices and quality of experience monitoring into a single, intuitive web-based application. OVOC enables administrators to adopt a holistic approach to network lifecycle management by simplifying everyday tasks and assisting in troubleshooting all the way from detection to correction.

Our Offer

Monitor and Manage Client-Owned SBC:

  • Monthly Support
  • SBC Updates
  • SBC Backups
  • Reports


  • Streamline network management and quality monitoring into one single application
  • Improve system availability with accurate troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Increase efficiency with centralized configuration and provisioning
  • Gain intelligent insights into network trends and performance to assist in planning and design
  • Microsoft Teams environments supported
  • Available for deployment on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Azure Marketplace

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