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Jul 31, 2019

Maastricht Tower – Power Failure | Quick Recovery

Old electric power supply boxes. Industrial background. Overloaded electrical circuit causing fuse to break. Electricity short circuit, Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt

On Sunday the 29th of September around 18:00 pm, notifications started popping up, stating that devices are off at our Maastricht highsite.

The support team immediately started investigating this issue and quickly found that it was a power issue.

After a few phone calls and a discussion with the tower maintenance team, it was confirmed that a fuse had blown on the main Eskom power supply due to high winds,

affecting all the towers on Maastricht.


The tower maintenance team immediately went uphill to go and start the backup power. Within less than an hour, the tower was up and running and links restored.

The tower was running on back up power throughout the night and the next day Eskom came to fix and restore the main power.

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