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Remote Work & How We Can Assist You.
Apr 15, 2020
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Aug 7, 2020

The Effect of Working From Home on Your Network Devices

The Effect of Working From Home on Your Network Devices

With an increase in the number of people being at home and working from home, there is bound to be internet issues.

Home devices are not made for heavy-duty use and take strain in times like this. 


Here are a few reasons why your connection might also seem unstable: 


Internet Wiring 

Internet wiring for homes is not capable of handling so much data and this is one of the reasons your connection may be unstable.

It may also be older than recommended. 


Online Workflow  

With everyone working from home, people have turned to collaborative tools such as Teams to keep the workflow going. 

Much more continuous synchronization of your files for collaboration is required. If you’ve had a business videoconference stutter

while your teenagers play online games, or found yourself unable to stream the news while your spouse or housemate

uploads huge data files for work, you’ll have a good idea of the problem. 


We recommend QoS configuration (Quality of Service) 

Quality of service (QoS) refers to any technology that manages data traffic to reduce packet loss, latency, and jitter on the network.

QoS controls and manages network resources by setting priorities for specific types of data on the network. 

Meaning you can give your work internet traffic priority over the general traffic on your network. 


Software and Firmware Updates 

While software and firmware updates are essential for your devices to run optimally, having the updates downloading at random times

can cripple your bandwidth. Especially when you are busy with important tasks. Our recommendation is to make it a task to check for updates

on all your devices before and after business hours or look get an MSP (Managed Service Provider) to manage and monitor your devices daily.

Most MSPs have fixed monthly costs and are not hard on the bank account. 


In Conclusion 

We have had a few of our clients logging support tickets for connection issues. The overall outcomes after a thorough investigation were the two major things:

Clients are using their full bandwidth capacity and their network devices needed a reboot. We recommend a reboot every 24 hours on all network devices.   


If you want to find out what we can do to help you through this difficult time, then contact us now

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