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Teams Direct Routing – Teams Business Voice (VoIP)

What is Teams Direct Routing?

The integration between Direct Routing and Microsoft Teams enables a Microsoft Teams user to make and receive
VoIPcalls from within MS Teams. This integration makes Microsoft Teams a single seamless platform for the
modern workplace.

Teams Direct Routing comes with a host of advantages including a unified calling platform (even if Microsoft Calling Plans are

not available in your country) and VOIP calls from your telephony platform (integrated using Teams certified solutions into the

Microsoft Teams app).

When you add Teams direct routing to your Microsoft Teams you create one seamless, collaborative platform for your

organisation and you turn Microsoft Teams into a full-fledged business phone system by routing PSTN traffic to and from

Microsoft Teams.

Simplify Work from Home
Teams Direct routing makes it easy for you to set up seamless remote working within your organisation. By adding high-quality
VoIP calls inside the Microsoft Teams application, you can take your office phone system anywhere.

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