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Redundant / Backup Internet Connections
Feb 6, 2020
The Effect of Working From Home on Your Network Devices
The Effect of Working From Home on Your Network Devices
Apr 29, 2020

Remote Work & How We Can Assist You.

Remote Work & How We Can Assist You

Working Remotely can be challenging, especially when your company was not initially set up to function that way.

We want to assure you that you are not the only one that is forced to re-look the way we do business.

Luckily, we have been working remotely long before the current global situation.

In saying that we would like to highlight a few of our services that can help you transition and increase productivity.


An Intelligent VPN Solution:

If you are familiar with the functionalities of a traditional VPN used to connect employees to a company’s corporate network,

this software will leave you speechless. With a normal VPN, all the internet traffic from a device that is used to connect flows through that connection.

What that means is that, if the person is working from home is listening/streaming music via YouTube or any other platform,

all that traffic actually slows down your VPN connection.


What if you could control what traffic flows through your VPN?

What if you could control which traffic flows via the public internet and what goes through your corporate connection?

That is exactly what we can do for you!


Voice Calls with Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a seamless workspace that gives you access to instant messaging, file sharing/collaboration and so much more.

But what about your phone system? We can answer that question with a hosted solution – with Teams Direct Routing,

you can make and receive traditional VoIP phone calls directly to and from the Microsoft Teams client on your pc or mobile devices.

These services can make working from home a blast!

 These solutions are relevant in and outside of the current lockdown period to provide your business with the flexibility needed for a modern workspace setup.


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