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Mar 25, 2019
Saturday morning repair at Maastricht
Saturday morning repair at Maastricht
May 13, 2019

News – April 2019

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River Broadband has had a very eventful month


Simonsberg High-Site Break-ins

On the 2nd and 5th of April at approximately 11:30 pm, our Simonsberg high-site along with the surrounding companies high-sites were broken into and our equipment stolen and damaged. On both occasions, our incredible support team was on site within hours of the break-in. This is no mean feat as it is our highest site, furthest away from our office, requiring a 4×4 and a long hike ( 30 mins at least ) up to the top.

Our senior engineer at one point pulled a “MacGyver” using his laptop charger and cable to get your links back online! It was an interesting expense claim for him later at the office trying to convince accounting that he did not break it by accident. Due to these events occurring so quickly after one another, we realized that we had to become more innovative with new and improved security measures. Our energetic team hiked up a third time carrying a 120Kg reinforced steel cabinet to house our equipment to ensure that you, our clients get the best possible uninterrupted service.















We are now working closely together with the security companies and the neighbourhood watch in the area to ensure that incidents like this don’t happen again and limit their impact if it does. We have also installed a CCTV solution up there at our own cost, which we have shared with the security companies to assist them. This ensures we have a constant live feed from the mountain top.





Fun facts about this tower:

It’s very high, It’s very beautiful and it requires a 4×4 plus a long hike ( 30 mins at least ) to get to the top.





My internet appears to be slow. What can I do about it?

There are many reasons your Internet connection might appear slow. It could be a problem with:

  1. Your Modem
  2. Your router
  3. Wi-Fi signal
  4. Devices on your network saturating your bandwidth
  5. Slow websites

Here are some tips on how to increase your internet speed without increasing your costs:

  1. First, complete a speed test after making sure all other internet using devices are switched off or disconnected to confirm your speed matches what you expect.
  2. If the speed appears correct – consider that the website may be slow and test a few other sites instead.
  3. Reboot your devices – disconnect the power cables, wait ten seconds and restart.

Remember that you might be saturating your connection – Your Internet connection is shared by all the devices in your home or business, so other devices on your network could be saturating your Internet connection, slowing things down for everyone else. If this remains a particularly frequent problem, you may have to upgrade your internet package or consider Quality of Service (QoS). Quality of Service will allow your router to give certain devices or activities priority over others.

If you need any help setting up Quality of Service

Contact Us


Some more expert network advice from NBConnect Managed Services

  1. Top tips to help SMEs reduce bandwidth
  1. Top tips to help SMEs reduce bandwidth part 2
  1. Centralized updates
  1. Limiting cloud-data synchronization
  1. Internet traffic control


Upgrades are coming…

Here at River Broadband, we pride ourselves in being business-centric and as such, we are planning some exciting new upgrades that will benefit all our clients. We are performing a major hardware upgrade that will immediately increase our available bandwidth from 1GB to 10GB – this will provide lower latency to our clients. The new hardware will allow an impressive bandwidth upgrade in the future reaching an impressive 160GB. With the addition of ExpressRoute to the River Broadband network, direct connection into the Microsoft Global network provides greatly increased reliability and speed for business clients.



Along with these upgrades and the benefits they bring to our clients, we also have several business offerings from our partners at NBConnect.

  1. Microsoft Office365  licensing and support.
  2. Managed antivirus and software patching provides a much-needed security layer to your devices.
  3. Highly customizable managed backups provide quick and easy point-in-time recovery for company data and devices.
  4. Device monitoring to alert and remediate device issues before they affect your productivity.
  5. Remote scheduled maintenance to keep your devices running optimally.
  6. Secure and highly available mail providing continuity, even during server outages.
  7. Risk intelligence auditing for data breaches and other vulnerabilities.
  8. Remote and onsite IT support

Constant system improvements and client offerings are foremost on our agenda at River Broadband and we look forward to more exciting reveals as the year progresses…

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