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Saturday morning repair at Maastricht
Saturday morning repair at Maastricht
May 13, 2019
Upload Speed Increase for all Home Uncapped Users! Free of charge!!!
Jul 31, 2019

Network Upgrade


So, we spoke about this major upgrade in our previous newsletter and finally made it a reality on the 18th and 19th of May.

Let’s have a look at what we did.

We implemented a flat layer virtual switching system. This gives the benefit of lowering latency drastically and at the same time, increasing bandwidth.

Once that was done, we upgraded all our Core infrastructure to high end, high-speed fibre connectivity only (I mean, who doesn’t love fibre). This removed any chance of older and slower equipment becoming a bottleneck on the system.

We then decided to upgrade our virtual hosting server stack hardware to a new platform. What does this mean? – it means we upgraded the hardware that runs our services to a new and improved hardware platform that boasts better performance.

And now for the kicker – we implemented TRIPLE REDUNDANCY. That’s three times the fun! – We have 3 independent main backhaul connectivity links from our core infrastructure and multiple connectivity paths to each high site to ensure that we have redundant connectivity throughout the whole network.

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