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How River Broadband can help your business during loadshedding.
Nov 12, 2021
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Nov 22, 2021

Load shedding is back! Here’s how we can help.

Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter has warned of an increased risk of load-shedding over the next few days due to unplanned outages.

Over the course of Tuesday two generating units were taken offline to be repaired, while another three generating units tripped.

To add insult to injury De Ruyter said that several were operating at high risk. While Eskom is trying their best to solve the issue in

a timely manner, we’re still going to have load shedding.


That’s where River Broadband comes in.

At River Broadband we aren’t affected by load shedding. Why? Because our towers are independent from Eskom’s electrical grid,

meaning we always have full access to the internet, yes even during load shedding. And we can offer you the same freedom.

With us as your internet service provider you won’t have to lose hours of productivity to load shedding.


Get prepared for the upcoming wave of load shedding with River Broadband.

Let us help you by contacting us today!

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