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Tasting Room Restaurant Wifi Hostpot Package
Tasting Room Restaurant Wifi Hostpot Package
Dec 4, 2020
Benefits of our hosted voip platform
Benefits of our Hosted VoIP Solution
Jul 13, 2021

Join us in supporting Pebbles

Pebbles Kitchen

Pebbles Project

No one was prepared for the craziness that hit in 2020. If this year has taught us anything, it is that we need to

stand together, grow, and help each other.


We are fortunate enough to be connected to an incredible organization. Pebbles Kitchen, who truly demonstrated

this lesson. The Pebbles Kitchen is a division of the Pebbles Project which works to improve the lives of children in

the Western Cape farming communities. They served over 1 million meals during the last 8 months of lockdown.


“Before lockdown, we were already providing 1300 meals daily for disadvantaged children in education centers within

agricultural communities of the Western Cape, but the need escalated exponentially due to the lockdown. We are located

in the middle of a busy farming area, where many casual workers immediately lost their jobs and their weekly pay,”

said Dominic Johnson-Allen.


“We simply could not ignore the plight of those in desperate need of food and therefore ramped up our scale

and distribution points.In addition, we supported NGOs who have been struggling to provide food for the many

with absolutely no income and no food, turning our kitchen into a meal provider for thousands.”


At River Broadband, we were so inspired by the Pebbles Project. We realised that we needed to put our beliefs about

“standing together” into action. So, we have decided to empower Pebbles to continue doing their great work by giving

them a free uncapped internet link at their kitchen. We hope that this will give them an important tool to continue helping

others in need.


If anybody else would like to stand with us, you can make a contribution to the Pebbles Project with the details below.

Every little bit helps.

+27 (0)21 865 1018

+27 (0)21 865 1000

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