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Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
Aug 7, 2020
Everything You Need To Start Up Your Business
Everything You Need To Start Up Your Business
Dec 4, 2020

Good News, New Promotions, Upgrades & Maintenance

Good News, New Promotions, Upgrades & Maintenance

Many things ground to a halt in 2020, but we certainly didn’t! Our team has been hard at work

to keep progress happening for you. Catch up on the latest changes and developments below:


Wireless Internet package upgrades:

We will no longer offer shaped broadband services. Everyone will now be enjoying our uncapped and unshaped internet services.

Our standard 6/3 and 8/4 Mbps uncapped wireless packages have been discontinued. All clients on those packages will be moved

to a faster and bigger 10/4Mbps package at the same price as the 6/3 Mbps package – R950.00 a month.


What this means for our 6/3 – 8/4Mbps clients:

You are getting a totally free upgrade! From the 1st of December 2020, you will be on a 10/4Mbps package at R950,00/month.

What this means for our 10/4Mbps clients:

Our current 10/4 Mbps package users are going to be paying less – the package price is changing from R1250,00 to R950,00/month.

WiFi Hotspot

Tasting room / Restaurant Wi-Fi hotspot package:

Winery tasting rooms and restaurants can enjoy our new promotional offering.

The package includes a 6/3Mbps uncapped, unshaped wireless package completely free when you sign up for a 20Mbps uncapped

or higher speed package.

The 6/3 Mbps uncapped connection will be dedicated to guest usage and access can be customized. This means you can either give

guests a coupon or they can sign in with their social accounts. The software and hardware used in this setup are designed to fully

manage your network, hassle-free!


New Package: Business Premium (Sector)
  1. 10/10                                                 R2500.00
  2. 20/20                                                 R4140.00
  3. 30/30                                                 R6210.00
  4. 50/50                                                 R8500.00

These packages are synchronous (identical download and upload speeds) business internet packages,

the main difference being that it is a point to multipoint link.


Tower Upgrades and Health Monitoring Systems:

We can now provide an even more reliable and forward-thinking service to our clients with a newly implemented health monitoring

system.This system continuously records the system’s health statistics on our infrastructure. It allows us to manage the quality of

offerings more proactively and efficiently.


Our team is constantly performing or planning tower upgrades to improve line connectivity as well as back-up power supplies

for when power failures may occur. All of this ensures a much more stable backbone to support you, our client.


Thank you for your support!

We hope that you enjoy the latest improvements and promotions. It’s because of our loyal clients, like you, that we could grow

our offerings and improve our packages. We look forward to furthering your online journey in 2021!

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